06 Feb

The Centerville Library asked us to write about how things are going–how we evolved.  Here's what I wrote:

When the Playwrights Lab announced its first meeting upstairs at the Black Box Theater of the Cotuit Center for the Arts last November, five playwrights and two actors showed up.  Jean and I were delighted and surprised because we were afraid that we’d be standing in the circle of 12 chairs that we had set up, and no one else would be there.  Our next meeting at the Centerville library increased in number.  We now had six playwrights and three actors.  As it stands now, the Lab has 20 talented, accomplished playwrights and 12 gifted actors-in-residence.  We had succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.  And as if that were not enough, the Lab was invited to produce a Festival of Short Plays at the Woods Hole Theater this Fall.  Eight of our members will see a full production of their work on the stage.  They will also see their work printed in a paperback anthology published by LightYears Press, and offered to the public.  And it looks as if there may be more opportunities are on the way . . .

I still wonder about how all this happened (and continues to be happening) in such a short time.  I think part of the reason is that the conversations are always intelligent, supportive and sincere.  We all enjoy the company of other artists.  We have become friends.  We hear each other’s work read by actors-in-residence.  No one is an expert.  There is no teacher–no teaching.  But I think the deeper reason for the success is that we fulfill a basic human need.  A need as real as the need to breathe.  Every time we meet with fellow playwrights and performers, the human spirit is allowed to soar. 

The Playwrights Lab continues to be free of charge and open to the public.  New members are welcomed.  See our website for dates, places, and times – www.theplaywrightslab.org   We will be forever grateful to the Centerville Library and the Cotuit Center for the Arts for making all this possible. 

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