10 Feb

This is the queue for February 22 at the Centerville Library.  If more plays are submitted we will add them to the queue.  Any plays that do not get shopped on the 22nd will automatically be placed in the queue for Sunday. March 8 at the Cotuit Center.  PLEASE NOTE: Many of these pieces depend on the availability of actors on the date, which may result in queue changes.

  1. Donna Martone
  2. Jim Dalglish 
  3. James and Jean Anton  
  4. Kevin Obrien
  5. Gary Vacon
  6. Jim Pettibone 
  7. June Bowser-Barrett 
  8. Deborah McKay
  9. Michael Nolan
  10. James and Jean Anton 
  11. Jim Dalglish 
  12. Maureen Condon
  13. Jim Pettibone 
  14. June Bowser-Barrett 
  15. Michelle Clarke
  16. Elizabeth Mangan
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