24 Feb

If more plays are submitted, we will add them to the queue.  If you accidentally have been left off the queue l email us and we will correct the mistake.  Any plays that do not get shopped on the 8th will automatically be placed in the queue for Sunday. March 28 at the Centerville Library.  

PLEASE NOTE: Many of these pieces depend on the availability of actors on the date, which may result in queue changes.  Also please let us know in advance if you are unable to attend and we will remove or reschedule your place in the queue.  There is still time to be added to the queue, so send me the play to be discussed and I will add you to the queue. 


  1. Kevin Obrien
  2. Jim Pettibone (We will be doing a group of his very short pieces.)
  3. Jim Dalglish
  4. James and Jean Anton
  5. Michelle Clarke
  6. Elizabeth Mangan
  7. Michael Nolan
  8. Maureen Condon
  9. Gary Vacon
  10. June Bowser-Barrett
  11. Jim Pettibone (a group of short pieces)
  12. Donna Martone (monologue) 
  13. James and Jean Anton
  14. Kevin O'Brien
  15. Betsy Mangan (longer piece)

    PLEASE NOTE:  If you are scheduled to read but will not be able to make the meeting, please let us know, and we will reschedule you.

To enable playwrights and actors to have some social time to talk with each other about things not covered during the readings and comments, we will allot time at the end of each session for this purpose.

We can schedule time for a complete one-act play (up to 50 minutes long).  If you are interested, let us know, so we can add it to the queue.

* The email will not be published on the website.