04 Mar

Fellow Playwrights and Performers,

Jean and I recently met with Jess Wilson and Garrett Olson, curators of the Scripted Sunday dramatic reading series, which is produced Main Stage at the Cotuit Center for the Arts on the first Sunday of every month.  They are interested in the Playwrights Lab producing eight short plays (one hour — intermission — one hour) on either June 7th or July 5th 2020 (we said that we would prefer the June 7th date but are flexible);  the plays would be acted entirely by Playwright Lab actors-in-residence (Some of the performers would appear in multiple roles in different plays). 

    James and Jean would chose the plays and direct all of them.  We will also produce the program and press-release for the show.  We would also produce a paperback anthology of plays by the participating playwrights.  Actors will not be required to be off book but we could have limited lighting and blocking.  We also may have a Narrator/Describer  who would introduce each piece, read the setting, the time, and introduce the characters (perhaps even at times read the stage directions).

    We are waiting to hear from Jess and Garrett to confirm the dates, and until we do this is still only an exciting possibility.        

    The Woods Hole Theater/Playwrights Lab collaboration, which has been discussed earlier, has been postponed possibly until next winter.  The reasons for this are complicated — full production would mean that each playwright would have to be responsible for the production of his/her own play — choose the director if different from her/himself, conduct auditions, obtain props, costumes, lighting cues, images for projection, perhaps even help set-up the house, and of course assist in striking.  There would need to be a script for the stage manager, and a list of sound/lighting/projection cues for the tech person.  Since this possible production would be much more demanding, the Woods Hole Theater and the PL-CCFTA would need to know how many playwrights/performers would still be willing/able to fulfill these obligations before committing to a full production.

As you can see, agreeing to participate in the Woods Hole Festival would involve quite a commitment.   Gary Vacon (Vice President of the Theater) will be at the meeting this Sunday to answer any questions or address concerns.  Would you please email me if you still would be interested (or not) in the Woods Hole/Playwrights Lab three-weekend, full-production sometime next winter.  Perhaps you should wait to for him before making your decision.

On the other hand, we are assuming that ALL PL members would be willing to have their play presented on stage at a Scripted Sunday at Cotuit Center.   However if this is not  true for you, let me know.

     We are looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday evening,


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