06 Feb

NOTE:  The order had to change because Jade and Paul who are scheduled to read James and Jean Anton's and Jim Dalglish's play have to leave at 7 PM. 

  1. James and Jean Anton
  2. Jim Dalglish (first piece ...  his choice)
  3. Donna Martone
  4. Kevin Obrien
  5. Jim Pettibone (first piece ...  his choice) 
  6. June Bowser-Barrett (first piece ...  her choice) 
  7. Michele Clarke
  8. Jim Dalglish (second piece) 
  9. Jim Pettibone (second piece)
  10. June Bowser-Barrett (second piece)
  11. Maureen Condon

We may not have time to shop all these works, but whoever is bumped from this list will be scheduled for the 29 February meeting at 10AM at the library.

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