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Hi Jim & Jean,

Thanks for touching base with all of us. It was nice to hear from you, (the highlight of my day, in fact - though admittedly, when on “lock down”, that’s not saying much, is it??).

But seriously, (…as if I wasn’t?), I hope all is well with you & that you & yours are dodging the bullet that is Corona & looking @ this whole ordeal from a glass 1/2 -full vantage point. Though I don’t know either of you all that well, I gather, from your writing , that you worship @ the alter of the “God of frolic & comedy”, (a.k.a. the “smiley mask”) & are highly proficient @ making the best of a bad situation. Hope so anyway. As for myself, I am dilly-dallying my days away  binge “watching” t.v., binge “eating”  bottom-shelf comfort food, playing football from the ottoman with my dog, Rory, (making sure he’s “ on his game” & that he’s going to be the new G.O.A.T in town) & sampling hand-sanitizers for a new Martha Stewart magazine. Translate: DOING NOTHING. I write when inspired, but find myself quite “uninspired” more often than not. UGH! The perils of being an artiste’.

Sad to hear that Cotuit has gone black for the time being & that  staff members & David K. are taking such a hit, but sadder still to see nursing home residents waving to their loved ones through window panes & priests wearing blindfolds & sitting on park benches offering Armageddon-minded parishioners “drive-through” confession services.SAD. SAD. SAD

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