James Titian Anton
Founder / Artistic Director

james@theplaywrightslab.org 774 470 6107

James, founder and artistic director of the Playwrights Lab, was born in New York City, but spent 10 years working abroad in countries as diverse as Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Denmark, and Iran (where he and his wife, Jean, witnessed the overthrow of the Shah.)  He lived in Arizona for 12 years and has spent the past 20 years living in Massachusetts.

In 2014 one of his plays (all his plays have been co-authored with his wife, Jean), CAREFUL! was selected to be produced by the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival at the Roy Arias Studios (Stage II) in the Times Square Theatre Center, in Manhattan.  Another of their plays, Out to Lunch, has been presented in March and April 2014 by the fine arts society of Willoughby Ohio.  Several years ago another of their plays, FREAKS, was a finalist (there were 1,400 submissions) in the Actor's Theater of Louisville playwright’s contest.

Their plays have been produced by Brooklyn College, Acme Theater in Maynard, MA, Hovey Players, in Waltham, MA, the Arlington Players and Playwright’s Platform, as well as others.

James (with Jean) also wrote and illustrated a children’s column for the Gannett News Service entitled Dr. Crystal’s Cosmic Kid Stuff.  

They are also authors of children's books by Scholastic Inc., McGraw Hill, and Sterling Publishers.

Their publishing company LightYears Press publishes a variety of books for artists, as well as children's books,, plays and poetry.