Robert Moore
Actor in Residence

Les Goodman

The Monsters Are Due on Maple St

Online zoom production, 5/20

Tim Slickman

Crude, the Musical

Cape Cod Theatre, Oct-Nov 2019

Dr. Livesey

Treasure Island

Harwich Jr Theatre, July-Aug 2019

Walter Kerrigan

The Country House

Nashoba Players,  November 2018

Dr. Watson

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Case

Sudbury Savoyards, August 2018


Oh Friend of Mine

Cannon Theatre, short plays, June 2018


Stage Kiss

Nashoba Players, Feb 2018

Mr. Green

Clue, the Musical

Nashoba Players, Nov 2017

Avram the bookseller

Fiddler on the Roof

Theatre III, April 2017

Police lieutenant

Maltese Falcon radio play

Nashoba Players, January 2017


45 Seconds from Broadway

Nashoba Players, November 2016

Ben Weatherstaff

Secret Garden

Nashoba Players, April 2016

Quartermaster Hitchens


Theatre III, Nov 2015

various British voices

Day the Earth Stood Still (Radio play)

Nashoba Players, September 2015

Sgt Carlino

Wait Until Dark

New Players Theatre Guild, September 2015


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

River's Edge Players, April 2015

Ernst Ludwig


Nashoba Players, November 2014

Lyle Rogers

Exit the Body

Nashoba Players, May 2014

Major Strasser

Casablanca (Radio Play)

Nashoba Players, Feb 2014

Fred Casely, ensemble


Nashoba Players, Nov 2013

Uncle Henry, ensemble

Wizard of Oz

Theatre III, October 2013

Doctor, ensemble

Baby, the Musical

Nashoba Players, Nov 2012